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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Entry Forms

The flight attendant will distribute the China entry forms during your flight to China before landing. (same by ferries and train)

1. The Health Form - present to the Medical Department Officers when landed on ground. Please remember to write down your contact telephone numbers.

2. The Entry Card - just fill in as required. Present to the passport checking points Officer together with your passport. (We Hong Kong people call Immigration Officer while in China called Police)

One time I used the English Entry Card form because I couldn’t find the Chinese Entry Card form but I was told to use the Chinese Entry Card because my ID is recorded as Chinese by the passport checking point police.

3. The Customs Form - please read the rules. After take back your check-in luggages please choose Green (nothings to declare) or Red (carry things that need to pay tax or expensive things that need to record and take back to your country) Channel. Present the form to the Customs Officer.

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