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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Characteristic of Hong Kong and Mainland China Chinese People

There are certain different characteristic between Hong Kong and Mainland China people. Mainland China/PRC (People’s Republic of China)has taken back Hong Kong for 10 years (from 1st July 1997). Many things have changed. In the past, Hong Kong was governed by the British. Therefore, we, Hong Kong Chinese, were under the western education. Hong Kong is an opened market. Hong Kong people have to fight for themselves in order to survive. Whereas in mainland China, government has to take care all, just like a whole family.

We, Hong Kong Chinese, are more lucky than those Mainland China people. Our economy and culture are much more westernized, more systematic and advance, especially in mind-set and integrity awareness. China is just the beginning that Hong Kong has gone through. Hong Kong is 21th Century whereas Mainland China is in the 60s and 70s. Though China’s hardwares (buildings, decoration etc.) are chasing very fast but the softwares (thinking, mind-set and working attitude) and people’s mind-set have at least 10 to 15 years difference.

However, China will be the focal points in the coming years in terms of economy. Hong Kong S.A.R. will soon merge into China. I mean the system. There are still 40 years as a S.A.R.

Before 1st July 1997, foreigners will have to stop in Hong Kong first then apply the China visa to China. That’s why Hong Kong’s economy was much much better. When China opened the market, foreigners can go to China directly.
There are a big different living standard between Hong Kong and mainland China. Living cost in China is almost one third of Hong Kong. If you live in China rural cities, the living cost is even only one fifth of Hong Kong.

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