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Monday, September 17, 2007

China Police Special Force - Wu Jin

Wu Jin are equipped with heavy weapons. Their execution power are stronger than the Police - Gong An. Normally people are hard to see them. They will appear whenever there are big cases. However you can distinguish them by their car plate WJ in front of the city code and car numbers. Certainly they can park anywhere and don’t have to pay any fee for crossing the highway.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Watch Out! Pedestrian District

Most of the cities in China now have the pedestrian district. That is the motorcars road is blocked so the pedestrian can freely walk in the middle-of-the-road. Usually both sides of the road are with many different kinds of shops and shopping centers. Usually there will be many people gather around the pedestrian district during Saturday and Sunday. You can find food; drinks and some local entertainment there. Sometimes there are fashion shows or other charity shows performed. This is also one of the symbol of the city landmark. there will be many people from other China cities walking around the street too.
Since there are many tourist and like us the Hong Kong people will love to take a walk there, local pickpocket parties are there too. (Usually three people a team)
And sometime people will come to you and say that they have antiques with good bargain prices.
Some people will approach you and ask you whether you would like to change RMB (Chinese money) with good rate.
Some pretty young girls will approach you and ask you to give them some money to buy food because they came from other China city and they have no money to buy food. (When you take a deep look on their dressings, you can easily find that this is a lie).
If you are a single man walking there, you have to be very careful when one or two beautiful girls approach to you and say that they can bring you to some places for a drink or singing Karaok. Or a man approach to you and say that he can introduces beautiful girls to you as your companion. You better watch out! This certainly is a trap! Don’t be mislead by their beauty!
First, they know that you are a traveler from other countries by the way you dress. Second, they will judge you by what you are wearing and know that whether you have money or not. Third, they will make sure you don’t have local people accompanying you. Therefore they can approach to you and testing you whether you are greedy or not by their offerings such as best buy products or you want a female friend or not.
What if you like adventure trip and follow the unknown person?

The results are:
1. You will still pay a much higher prices for the fake antiques.

2. You will get fake money when you exchange your currency with them.

3. You will have to pay for RMB3,000 a cup of coke per person in the
place that pretty girls bring you to their suggested singing place.

4. If you follow the pretty girls to their place. You might end up have to pay
for a large sum of money before you can leave. Because you can hardly explain
to the Chinese Policeman that what is the reason that you are with the girl
and at her place.

5. Also there might be some men are waiting for you when you enter the girl’s
apartment. They will tie you up and take all your money and belongings.

6. Sometime the girl will give you a cup of water or some soft drinks. After you
drink the water or soft drinks you will find dizzy and fainted. And you will
regret a lots when you wake up! Then one day, you might see yourself naked in

If the above mentioned happen and you don’t speak Mandarin, you better ask the Police Officer (Gong An) to call back to your staying Hotel and ask for the translator to do the explanation for you.
Please always remember – “Don’t go out without your staying Hotel’s telephone numbers”!!!

In view of this, the police (Gong An) has arrange the men or women police driving the energy saving golf cars up and down the pedestrian district. Objective is to prevent any crime arise and help people easily even if you are asking location direction. However, there is no “English” indicated this is a mini Police car.