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Monday, October 1, 2007

How to distinguish the REAL and the FAKE RMB (Renminbi)

How to distinguish the REAL and the FAKE RMB (Renminbi) MONEY Notes

We all face the same problem of how to distinguish other countries’ currency especially the fake money.
As a frequent traveler and tourist, we are always the victim or the target that local people will cheat us by giving the Fake Money Notes. It is because we will only traveling China for a very short time. Many things we do not how to handle without the help of the right local people. We are not used to the local fraud tactics and the customs. When foreigners need help, there are always problems of translation and interpretation. Therefore we have to have the wisdom to protect ourselves from rip off especially in money matters. For preventing your lost, you also have to check the money that you get from the ATM machine.

According to year 2006 information, the ratio of real and fake money is 100:1

When you spend money in China you can see the local Chinese people doing these four simple steps to distinguish your money notes especially the Hundred Dollars Notes (YUAN). The same STEPS that you can use: “See”, “Touch”, “Hear” and “Testing” (一看、二摸、三聽、四測)

Step 1: “See” (看)
Hold the money Note toward the light and you can see the clear watermark and magnetic micro security thread. You can see a fine printing.

Step 2: “Touch” (摸)
Use your fingers to touch the concave lines for hand feel.

Step 3: “Hear” (聽)
Use your finger to flick the money note to hear the money paper in a solid sharp and clear sound.

Step 4: “Testing” (測)
Use the fluorescence lamp to examine the money note with reflected dollars amount. Or simply use your finger nail tip to scratch the money note to see whether the color come out or not. If not the money is real.

Please also refer to the RMB money note features.

Road Traffic Helpers

When you cross the road please REMEMBER that you should stand still and look right then left side first. Even though there is a zebra crossing or traffic light, you still have to take a look first.
Mainland China People are still using bicycles as their major transportation tools especially in the secondary and rural cities. You can easily see the busy traffic during people going to work and off working peak hours (7:30am and 5:30pm)

Major problems are the people and people riding bicycles have no discipline in following traffic rules even with traffic lights and zebra crossing. They believe in “Free Walk”. People still have their mind-set believing in when people walking or riding bicycles are in the weak position that can win the court cases with great compensation when hit by cars. Therefore they don’t have to follow any traffic rules. They can freely walk across the road or riding opposite traffic direction. That’s why causing heavy traffic jams. Also you have to watch out the bicycle riders in the evening because the bicycles have no head lights and rear reflected plates.

By the way, the roads are quite wide. When I first stepped in China, I needed the local people to hold my hand and help me crossing the road. Just feel frightening when crossing the road. It is not the road is wide but people without the traffic danger sense on the road by not following the traffic road.

Nowadays in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the Government hires the people for the traffic control standing each corner of the road forcing people and people on the bicycles to following the traffic road. This does help a lots during the peak busy traffic hours.

During 80s, when the Gong An (Police) find people crossing the road without following the traffic lights, the Police will stop that person, then ask for that person’s Identity card and detain it. Then the Gong Au will give that person a red flag and direct that person to take control of the people crossing the road until that person find another person violate the crossing road rules. That person then has to take over standing in the road crossing with the flag until find another person violate the rules. This serves as a coaching lesson for the people who violating the road crossing rules.