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Sunday, August 26, 2007

China Police - Gong An

Originally there is only one common name for the China Police – “Gong An” ( the meaning is public for Gong and safety is for An).
These few years the “Gong An” is translated into English as “Police”. Even in Hong Kong we called the Immigrant Officer, in China it is also called “Gong An”.

However, in some of the cities, they still use the Chinese pin yin “Jing Cha” (the Chinese name for police) that you can see printed at the back of the “Gong Au” jacket. Therefore when you see the “Jing Cha” , it is the same as “Police” .

Also when you see the car plate with “GA” in front of the plate numbers, that means it is the “Police” car.

For the China emergency telephone numbers for the Police Department is “110”

In 2006 year end, people can report the traffic accidents and fire cases with the same telephone number “110”.

(The Fire Department telephone number is “119”. The Traffic Department telephone number is “122”. For the Ambulance help is “120”)

For the Public telephone enquiry is “114” (Shops/Restaurants/Hotels etc.).

Though most of the China area is covered with telephone communication networks but there are still some rural places without network. Somehow the telephone still can use the Emergency “GPS” telephone number “112”

All the above mentioned telephone numbers are applied to all the cities within China.

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