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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Planning your China Trip 1

China’s population reach 13 billion. Business men usually think that if China 13 billion people, each one give you one dollar profit, you will have 13 billion dollars!!! However, this is not true. In fact, it might be difficult for you to earn even ten cents due to many policies and people’s mindset!!!

For the time being, “Good Relationship” is still a must for doing business especially in China if you know the Government Officials.

1. China Visa: You must get your China visa. Please contact your local Travel Agency and confirm the necessary documentation for application. Sometime if you are in a hurry, so far as I know, you can get a temporary period visa when landed in Beijing. Be sure to check it first.

2. China Holidays: You have to know when will be the best time to go to China. Please check whether China is having these long Holidays such as Chinese New Year; Labor Days; National Days Holidays. China Government prolong the usual holidays by changing the working days and grouping a minimum 7 days holidays for people can travel other places. For the core cities, traveling time will not be an issue. But for some of the secondary and rural cities, people will have their long holidays trips. Many shops and restaurants will close.

3. Weather & Climate: You have to check the weather first to bring your clothing. China divides Northern and Southern part by Changjiang River. Only the Northern part of China will have hot conditioning supply. Therefore Shanghai might be cool or cold for you during winter. Please check the weather and temperature first before you go to your China destination.

Please note that in summer the hottest weather temperature cities are Chongqing, Wuhan and Nanjing. These are also called "Three Ovens" cities in China Summer. The temperature is over 40 degree Centigrade. It's a Government policy that employers have to give to their workers "lower temperature subsidy" during afternoon. That is small money amount for the workers to buy either cold drinks or ice-cream to lower their body temperature so that workers can continue to work.

4. Time Zone: Time Zone is GMT -8 hours. For the Urumqi, there is two hours late difference.

5. Electricity: Electricity is 220v. Please make sure you have brought the right plug. It is advisable for you to bring your own plug for your camera; mobile phone charger or computer. The Hotel might not have enough plugs to lend you.

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