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Friday, July 20, 2007

China Trips Experiences: Do and Don't

All over the World will be focusing China in the coming years! Many foreigners will definitely go to China for business or sight-seeing! There are many cities in China that you might have a chance to visit. Things are changing very fast in the Great China between core cities; secondary cities and rural cities.

Therefore I would like to share the trips experiences with you regarding the "Do" (things that we can compliment) & "Don't" (things that we must be careful and things that gave us bad experiences that we need comments ).

Also it will be great if you have the same experiences that can share amongst this blog. Then foreigners will know how to protect themselves; saved money; know different cities people's culture; find good spots etc. They will know what to do when they encounter what we have gone through without painful experiences and high prices paid! They will be delighted traveling in China either in sight-seeing or doing business! Then this blog will be very useful and valuable that can achieve my blog's objective!

Come and together share our China Trips Experiences!

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